Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Marks Our 1 Year Anniversary

How exciting it has been a year! No doubt its been an extremely difficult year to start a small business in a small town like Boulder Creek, but with all the support and praise I have received from the community I have kept the torch burning!
On Halloween of last year I held my Grand Opening. Boulder Creek is well known in the Santa Cruz Mountains for it Fantastic Halloween Trick or Treating Event. People from all over the Mountains swarm to Downtown Boulder Creek to spend an evening as a community Trick or treating and having fun! I must have handed out candy to well over 300 trick or treaters last year!
Plumline Vintage has a ton of great costumes and fun ideas to help you put your look together for the Halloween fun! Come pay me a visit and if we can't find something on the rack for you then we could make you something instead!

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